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The first pride of Délicouki is to offer good and beautiful products. And if we are proud, it is because we are confident that each Délicouki product is made of strict standards, in a healthy environment, to provide buyers with a tasty and safe experience.

Good. Delicious. Mellow. Certainly!

But Délicouki’s products offer a host of advantages that make these sweet treats the perfect source of happiness and the Délicouki company, the perfect partner in food service. The Délicouki team is fully dedicated to creating new products that better meet the expectations of buyers and consumers.

Artisanal production

Artisanal production

A taste that makes and awakes memories!

Proudly from here

Proudly from here

We encourage home businesses

Developed with nutritionists

Developed with nutritionists

Products that taste good and are good

Contains whole grains

Contains whole grains

Oats, quinoa, wheat germ, bran, …

Peanuts free

Peanuts free

Perfect for lunch boxes!

HACCP accredited

HACCP accredited

By the Bureau de normalisation du Québec

All our products … for you!






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Treat your customers by offering them, under your banner, our delicious products made from premium ingredients. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you market your own lines of cookies, muffins or pies!


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Great products are worth some applause

  • “It’s our employees that make Delicouki. Our secret: them”

    Isabelle St-Amand Operation chief
  • “Delicouki’s products are not only good, they are also beautiful. I take great pride in them.”

    Sylvie 16 years of experience at Delicouki
  • “I say it often… our secret is the love”

    Dave Pie master at Delicouki