Childhood memories starts here!


A love story

Grandma’s cookie jars; pastry making afternoons with mommy; grandpa’s pies fresh out of the oven; and muffins on the way back from school with daddy: pastries are a love story, which Delicouki has been creating since 1998.  We offer delicious memories to both little ones and grown-ups

A tasty company

For over 15 years, the company known today as Délicouki celebrates the marriage of taste with different products that continue to brighten the palates of gourmets in Quebec. Sometimes gourmet and sometimes healthy, Délicouki’s creations offer a full range of flavours that will delight both young and old, both through the institutional network and the retail market. Discover the wonderful world of Délicouki


Our secrets (… but do not repeat them! These are our secrets!)

Quality ingredients

We carefully select simple, quality ingredients.
The secret is in the dough.

Authentic recipes

We have kept the old cookbooks or our elders.
The authenticity has a better taste.


We have master craftsman who have perfected the art of cookie and other delicacies. A technique that has proven itself.


We love peoples. A human enterprise for human consumers.


We are passionate people who care about a job well done. The Delicouki’s touch that makes the difference.


We know where our products come from and where they are going. A path drawn in taste and happiness.


Our story 

Created in 1998, Les Cuisines Divers-Cités debuts in the institutional network by becoming an official supplier of Van Houtte kitchens, developing unparalleled expertise in the field of Quebec food service. This expertise and rigor will allow the company's products to be distributed across several school boards!
It was not until 2011, following the acquisition of the company by Godefroy Aubéry, that it, rich in its experience in the institutional network, develops the Delicouki brand that will gradually cover all products. A name that makes you smile!
2015 marks the arrival of Delicouki products in the Quebec grocery store network. Finally, young and old can bring home these little pleasures that were for a long time, the best kept secret in Quebec!
In 2019 is marked by the arrival of novelties just as delicious: our shortbread thematic and our granolas! In addition, Delicouki conquers a new market one biscuit at a time: Ontario!

Products for every taste

Products for every taste

Where to find the Délicouki products?